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When you are purchasing a car is an important decision, and selling it also requires a big expense, but calculating out how much your car is worth can be a difficult task. You may have any rough idea how much your car accurate price in the market before selling, otherwise the actual price of your car based on different type of factors which are helpful for you if you sale your car.

If you want to sell your car in good price firstly you check the price of the car in the market present scenario. People use different types of Valuation method to check car price, but our Car Fame provides the Best Car Valuation In Lahore in which you check the worth of the car during present time by following the several factors.

There are different types of factors that help your car actual price;


The one of the most important factors that determines the car’s of value is its age. In general, modern cars are more valuable than used cars.


 Another important factor boosting the car’s worth is its mileage. The car’s value decreases with increasing miles.


 A further important factor when determining out the car’s worth is its condition. A car that has been well-maintained could be worth more than one that does not have.

Make & Model:

 The car’s worth is also strongly affected by its make and model, because certain car manufacturers are worth more than others.


 The car’s value is additionally affected by demand. A car with strong demand is likely to be priced more than one with less demand.

Sell Car Online Valuation

Best Car Valuation In Lahore Methods:

 Online Valuation Tool:

In this time there are many valuation tools are available on the internet, but Car Fame provide the best Sell Car Online Valuation Tool in which you check the car actual price during current situation and our tool have unique, authentic sources that determine the value of your car.

Dealer Valuation:

 A dealer is another person you might have valued your car, and dealers can provide you with a precise estimation of your car’s value because they have a solid understanding of the market.

Professional Valuation:

 Your car may also be valued by recognized car valuation companies, and they analyze the worth of your car using their knowledge and experience.

Auctioning Your Car:

 When you check the value of car, what is the price of the car in the market, then next step is sale your car. There are many ways to sell your car but in this digital world Auction is the best way to sell your car. There are many companies to organize the car auction but our company Car Fame provide the best Car Auction In Pakistan in which large amount of buyers visit to our auction and if any buyer like your car they can give the direct offer and if offer match your expectation then your car easily sale.

Set A Reserve Price:

 The lowest price you will accept for your car when selling it is known as a reserve price. By creating a reserve price, you may avoid selling your car for less than its actual worth.

Provide Accurate Information:

When you car to be placed in any auction, firstly you provide the car accurate information which includes cars age, model, company, generation, mileage, condition and any other type extra information you will distribute the buyer if they like your car.

Take Good Photos:

When selling your car at auction, excellent images are important, because they attract the buyers, and make sure you capture clear pictures of the car from different angles.

Choose The Right Auction:

When you sell your car, you choose right auction because if you not choose right auction then your car value may decrease according to your demand. In the market different types of car auction placed and when you placed car in any auction your cars are similar to other, then you can find the best price of car.


 To sum up, cars valuation is important when selling a car. It assures that you get the most out of your car and helps you find its actual worth. Put your car up for auction is another great strategy to increase your earnings. You may sell your car for a good price if you have the necessary knowledge and are ready.


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