On the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, Shimlaone of the most scenic hill stations in Indianew residences. It is through its British colonial style architecture, incredibly beautiful greenery and wonderful panoramic views that Shimla has also maintained to be a government resort ever since the British era. If you’re either planning to get off to Shimla for a family vacation, or are looking for a romantic getaway, or just an adventurous trip with your friends, the trips can be effortlessly smooth and exciting, once you choose a Tempo Traveler from TaxiYatri. If you are travelling with a Tempo Traveller to Shimla, then here’s what you need to know to have a great time exploring.

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Shimla is a city on the slopes of the Himalayas, your choice for one of the most exciting tourist destinations. In this regard, Tempo Traveller in Shimla will be introduced as a the best option for you.

There are numerous options of transportation that can help you have good travel experience when visiting a location, which is as diversify and as scenic as Shimla. Here’s why a Tempo Traveller from TaxiYatri is an excellent choice:Here’s why a Tempo Traveller from TaxiYatri is an excellent choice:

Comfort and Space: Tempo Travellers are the ones that are especially known for its sizable interiors, where passengers have enough room to stretch out and accommodations. The bus will be immensely helpful since we will require a long travel on winding paths near Shimla.

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Ideal for Groups: It matters whether you’re having a ride with your family or friends. A Tempo traveller however can carry the whole group in a single ride and you can all be together and enjoy this tour as a group.

Professional Drivers: TaxiYatri emphasizes on experienced drivers that are well-trained and understand Shimla routes well. This contributes toward a relaxing ride for the passengers.

Customized Travel Plans: By having the Tempo Traveller, you can design your travel plan as often as you want, thus, it has the capacity to explore some offbeat locations and some hidden gems in and around Shimla.

Who become the best destinations of Shimla with a Tempo is the Tempo traveller.

Here’s a curated list of must-visit places in Shimla that you can conveniently explore with a Tempo Traveller:Here’s a curated list of must-visit places in Shimla that you can conveniently explore with a Tempo Traveller:

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1. The Ridge

Ridge build up the very core of Shimla that is situated between mountain ranges and the peak is always in view because it is covered with snow. It is a nice spot, however, for a plain walk and to taste local products and invoke shopping.

2. Mall Road

Smelly Mall Road is the Shimla s main street, with frenzy of shops, cafes, and restaurants. It’s a wonderful place to go shopping, both for souvenirs and to taste some delicious national meals.

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3. Jakhoo Temple

Situated at an altitude of Shimla’s highest site of Jakhoo, the temple is allotted to Lord Hanuman. The symbol of the temple with its natural-grown feel of the space and an awe-inspiring view of the city.

4. Kufri

Kufri is a small hill resort located barely 13 km away from Shimla. Enchanting hilly scape and a myriad of winter games (skiing to bob sledding) attract many tourists here.

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5. Christ Church

According to records, Christ Church, which was made in 1857 is the second-oldest church in North India. For visitors this art nouveau architecture is a definite pull of this city.

6. The Indian Institute of Advanced Study, a premier research institution dedicated to promoting creative scholarship in all disciplines.

Situated in the historic building of the Viceregal Lodge, it is a literal manifestation of the French colonial period and presents the viewer with a picture-perfect sight of the country’s past.

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7. Green Valley

If you are heading towards Kufri, be sure to visit Green Valley. The most lovely and verdant spot boasts an outstanding view and is one of the best destinations for photography.

Have you found yourself in a routine and feel the need for some adventure? If the answers are yes, then here is a list for you.

For those looking to explore beyond the usual tourist spots, a Tempo Traveller from TaxiYatri can take you to some of Shimla’s lesser-known yet equally enchanting places:For those looking to explore beyond the usual tourist spots, a Tempo Traveller from TaxiYatri can take you to some of Shimla’s lesser-known yet equally enchanting places:

1. Chail

Chail also about 45 km north of Shimlais a beautiful place famous for its cricket ground the highest in the world and the palace located there.

2. Narkanda

Roughly 60 kms from Shimla, Narkanda is known for the fruit gardens of apple trees and snowboarding hills. It fits all purposes, from avid adventure seekers to those wishing for a peaceful getaway.

3. Tattapani

50 km to the north from Shimla, Tattapani has become a well-known place for its hot sulfur springs, which are also attributed to the healing power they do have.

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Hiring a Tempo Traveller with TaxiYatri bring along a cannabis of advantages as follows.

While you travel with TaxiYatri, you are selecting the systems where worry and stress are eliminated and you enjoy every moments of the trip. Here’s why:

Ease of Booking: Through its TaxiYatri Online booking platform, the company facilitates a simple online booking process where you get the chance to book your Tempo Traveller from your home or any other comfortable destination.

Transparent Pricing: The transparent way we provide you with a pricing structure you can trust means that hidden charges will be a thing of the past. These estimates include fuel, driver fares and taxes equalizing the cost result to the same bill for clients.

Well-Maintained Vehicles: Tempo Travellers are maintained in such a way that to comfortably travel with as well as to avert any accident comes from the fleet of TaxiYatri.

24/7 Customer Support: The taxiYatri team of customer support experts works 24×7 to provide you with quick response to your any queries and solve issues in case any arises.

Customizable Packages: Travelers have the flexibility to choose a ride for a full day excursion or an advanced tour and our packages can be customised to fit your travelling needs.

Experiences of Traveling to Shimla till now

To make the most of your trip to Shimla with a Tempo Traveller, here are some handy tips:To make the most of your trip to Shimla with a Tempo Traveller, here are some handy tips:

Pack Warm Clothes: Even in summers, at nights, ‘Shimla’ remains also cold. So, it is sensible to carry warm clothes with you.

Stay Hydrated: With the higher altitude, increased chances are of you getting dehydrated. Beware and stay hydrated at all times!

Plan Your Itinerary: Although free-style exploration can be exciting, planning ahead can ensure that you see many landmarks perfectly.

Respect Local Customs: Shimla is greatly influenced by many features of its culture. Do not intrude in local people’s customs or traditions when you are there.

Carry Essentials: Pack your medications, snacks, and first aid kit in your luggage while travelling to ensure you are always prepared. .


Shimla with its stunningly gorgeous nature and colorful past will tantalize any of the travelers who are willing to make acquaintance with the place. Choosing the Tempo Traveller with TaxiYatri is an affront to a pleasant and hassle-free passage of experience in this snowcapped hill station. Right from the dashing, Mall Road, to the secluded Jakhoo Temple and the adventurous slopes of Kufri, followed by the calmness of Green Valley; peer into the window of a temping traveller, Shimla has it all, and this vehicle takes you around to see all these spots. There you go dear, get ready for some wonderful vacation and without any worry, simply rely on TaxiYatri for all your travelling needs in Shimla. Safe travels!

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