Terminating a relationship with a personal injury attorney can be a difficult decision, but it is sometimes necessary to ensure that your case is being handled in a way that meets your needs and expectations. Here are some steps to consider when firing a personal injury attorney:


Review your retainer agreement: Before terminating your relationship with your personal injury attorney, it is important to review your retainer agreement. This document should outline the terms of your relationship with the attorney, including the scope of their representation, the fees you will be charged, and any conditions under which the relationship can be terminated.


Communicate your concerns: If you have concerns about your case or the way it is being handled, it is important to communicate these concerns to your attorney. Your attorney should be willing to listen to your concerns, provide a clear explanation of their approach, and work with you to resolve any issues.


Consider mediation: If you are unable to resolve your concerns through direct communication, consider mediation as an alternative to termination. Mediation can be a productive way to resolve disputes and can help to maintain a positive working relationship with your attorney.


Provide written notice: If you have decided to terminate your relationship with your personal injury attorney, it is important to provide written notice. This notice should be sent by certified mail and should outline the reasons for your decision to terminate the relationship.


Obtain your file: When you terminate your relationship with a personal injury attorney, it is important to obtain a copy of your file, including all relevant documents and correspondence. This information can be useful if you choose to work with a new attorney in the future.


Consider referral: If you are looking for a new personal injury attorney, consider seeking a referral from a trusted source, such as a family member or friend, or from a professional organization. You can also consider reaching out to Keith D. Leshine Attorney At Law, LLC for a consultation and to learn more about their services.


In conclusion, terminating a relationship with a personal injury attorney requires careful consideration and planning. By communicating your concerns, considering alternative resolution methods, and taking steps to ensure a smooth transition, you can minimize the impact of your decision on your case and help to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.


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