Incorporating Wax Sachets into Your Wedding Stationery

Although you can use many lovely embellishments to give your wedding stationery an exquisite touch with that additional wow factor, nothing beats a wax seal. It gives your stationery a fresh breath of elegance, helps to add layers, and provides an unmatched aura. 

Because they come in a wide range of colors—from metallics to brights to pastels—it’s simple to match them to your color palette and wedding theme. They also come in various finishes, ranging from glossy to matt. They even appear in multiple shapes, and you can customize them accordingly. The best thing is that you may have any design customized to fit your style stamped into the wax, which you can get personalized from FS Blends

Evolution of Wax Seals

For those unaware, a wax seal is an impression made by pressing a metal stamper into the melted wax. They have been used to seal envelopes; if the invitation seal remained intact, it was evident that your correspondence had not been tampered with. Though mainly as a decorative finishing touch rather than to protect a letter’s contents, they seal things nowadays.

Our stationery suites employ unique and bespoke wax seals to correspond with the couple’s invitation. We design the wax seal, and a metal stamp is made from that pattern. Every single wax seal is handmade by us. This is a slow-paced and gradual process, but it’s good to take a break from the orthodox methods and try something more contemporary now.

6 ways to incorporate wax seals in your wedding:

On the Envelope

When someone receives a letter or an invitation, their attention is typically drawn to the envelope. Because its appearance can give the other person a gesture of the entire correspondence, it is imperative to consider its appearance. 

Wax sealing for the envelopes is one technique to give wedding invitations a refined and elegant look.

A lovely and unique way to provide a bit of refinement to festivities and special events is with a wax seal. 

It is one-of-a-kind and unforgettable. The wax seal gives the receiver an elevated sensation, making them feel unique and valued.

Chocolate-colored postage stamps?

They sound like a dapper idea to develop inventive and entertaining uses for wax seals, such as edible chocolate stamps for bento cakes, brownies, and cookies. This small edible design element, made entirely of chocolate, is a sweet addition to any desserts you may serve at your event.

If you choose this course, you should think about your design. If you’re using them for chocolate stamps, you should change the design file since melted chocolate is denser than melted wax. You should thicken your lines and delete some elements so your design appears correctly on the stamp.

Enhancements for Gifts

Add scented and aesthetically pleasing wax sachets to gift boxes or wedding favors. The sachets can be tied with ribbon or twine and included in the packaging of presents like bath salts, candles, and shower gels. This elevates your wedding favors or gifts to a new level of elegance and thought, leaving a fantastic impression on the taker. 

Table Décor

For your wedding reception, use wax sachets as place cards or table decorations. Place them as fragrant centerpieces in little bowls or trays, or tuck them into serviette folds as accents with a hint of fragrance at each guest’s place setting. Guests will appreciate the pleasant scent that elevates the eating experience and the meticulous attention to detail.

Next, wax seals can be put on menus like place cards to add a splash of color to match your table setting. It’s a lovely touch to add to your tables, whether you use personal or individual menus. 

Isn’t it cool to add some color variation? Different colors might be merged to represent different meal choices, helping table personnel serve the proper meal to the right person and emphasize any food sensitivities.

If one-to-one serving is not on the list of your wedding essentials, you should use your place cards and menus and bind them together by adhering the place card to the menu with a wax seal. 

The Escort Cards and Seating Chart

Countless options are available to inform your guests of their seating arrangements. Getting the ideal solution for your event is simple, from escort cards to mirrors and printed seating charts. 

Wax seals are the ideal method to add a modest design accent without getting too cluttered or fussy, whether hanging escort cards on a wall or surface or placing table lists on mirrors or wood that has been fastened with one. 

If you offer escort cards, keep in mind that your guests will need to bring their cards to their tables, so you should ensure they can easily do so.

If you want to use the wax seal as a sticker to hang the cards, then a resealable pre-made seal is a fantastic choice. Alternatively, you could attach the escort cards from the back and utilize the wax seal as an ornament. 

If you choose the seating chart option, you’ll need to consider keeping everything neatly affixed to the surface so items won’t be moved around—especially if the event will be outside. Permanent wax seals are a fantastic alternative, but remember that disassembling the seating chart may scratch some surfaces.

Seal Vellum Jacket

  • Consider including a vellum cover on your wedding invitations to improve their visual appeal.
  • Translucent paper, known as vellum, can offer your invites a more formally distinctive, almost ethereal appearance. 
  • For a lovely finishing touch, envelop the invitation with a wax seal. 
  • This combo makes your big day even more memorable and is a great keepsake for your guests.

Before You Leave! 

Wax seals are a trendy, dope, and enjoyable way to give your stationery, gifts, and even desserts an extra touch of style. Simple and uncomplicated, they are entertaining and consistently on-trend, followed by all the influencers and bloggers. 

Wax seals may be applied to almost anything, so there are countless ways to use them in your event—these are just a few examples to let you know about the valuable usage of wax seals; for more, grab your favorites from FS Blends now. 

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