Sitting on the banks of the holy Sarayu river in Uttar Pradesh, India, Ayodhya town is a magical world with immense spiritual significance and rich history behind it. It is no wonder that Ayodhya, the place where Lord Rama took his first breath and a key point in the story of Ramayana, is a destination place for pilgrims and tourists alike who are looking for some Christian cultural experience. The attractions of this ancient spiritual place include its famous 10 (ten) temples, Ghats, and historical places thus a day Tourist place in Ayodhya is a wonderful identity of Hindu mythology and spiritual enlightenment. As a trusted company, TaxiYatri stands out as the reliable option for you whether you’re going out for a small errand or to surprise your hometown friends with a ride in a cab. Not only this, but through this article you could know how to yataaayah TaxiYatri in order to fulfill their best activities as well.

Start Your Pilgrimage: The birthplace of Lord Rama known as Ram Janmabhoomi.

Visiting the Ayodhya temple is the heart and soul of any such trip, as faith says that this is where Lord Rama was born. It has been the tourist destination and cultural attraction for nearly a century, bringing to the forefront the historical aspects and the religiously significant nature of the site. Where the area is usually overcrowded and parking space is thus a scarce resource, using TaxiYatri’s cabs amenities favors you to remove the daunting task of finding a way through the congested streets and parking spots. Just book your journey and leave the route and navigation to your driver, so that you can get yourself into a thought-provoking and quasi-religious state of mind.

Hanuman Garhi have got a place for you where you can find peace.

Just about half a kilometer from Ram Janmabhoomi, your journey reaches Hanuman Garhi, the shrine of the Lord of Energy. The temple is called for the proper name of the hill and those who desire to sanctify their heart with spiritualistic energy can reach it after the 76-stepped climb. With TaxiYatri you no longer have to turn up at the foot of the steps tired from standing around a hot hotspot of public transport. You just have to sit back and enjoy the coolness of a well-maintained cab’s air-conditioning as you head to the base of the steps not any longer tired and ready for your hike.

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