Jaipur, the capital city and the pride of Rajasthan, the state which will always be referred to as the Pink City, is in fact a gorgeous mixture of the heritage, culture, and the exciting modern atmosphere. The amazing design of the town, the busy bazaar places and glorious palaces are the things that makes this place a dream destination for visitors. Whether you are family stay together for the vacation, friends traveling together or colleagues, then the best way to explore Jaipur is by using Tempo traveller taxi from TaxiYatri. This is for you to understand, the tempo traveler is the best vehicle that you can use when touring Jaipur.

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Why do a Soul Technic car? Aside from the aesthetic value that a tempo traveller can add, it also provides various benefits. One of the main advantages of a tempo traveller is its sheer size.

Comfort and Convenience

Many people prefer driving in a Tempo Traveller or renting it because it comes with lots of comfort. These wheels are developed to cater the last minute needs of heavy vehicle travellers, no matter this is capacity, specious interior and long legroom . The seats provide cushion comfort to tourists and comfort in their travel even on long distance journeys. Furthermore, modern Tempo Travellers come with conveniences like air conditioning, music systems, and charging facilities thereby ensuring your journey is a comfortable and delightful one.

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A Comfortable Spot For A Group Of All Sizes

It does not matter whether your travelling group is small or large, be they family, friends or colleagues, in a Tempo Traveller you have got the space for everyone to travel together. As per the number of seats passengers want to buy, TaxiYatri gives a variety of the Tempo Travellers, from 9 seater to 20 seater variants, taking into consideration the group of passengers. This is another wonderful option, because all don’t have to worry about how they will be able to travel together comfortably.

Experienced Drivers

What you receive when you book a Tempo Traveller with TaxiYatri is not the only vehicle but there are numerous perks also. You find yourself on a car with a driver who is experienced and professional and who knows the roads of Jaipur so well he can come across every corner of the old city. It’s known that the taxi drivers know the city environment very thoroughly; it aids them find the shortcut through traffic quite easily. They can also do the role of local guides, giving unique ideas about what the town used to be, the culture, and hidden places that you will never know without them.

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Cost-Effective Travel

Usually, traveling in a large group is very costly, it is possible to own a vehicle at a huge cost or share the car with other people if the number is reduced. It is a decent option to choose a Tempo Traveller because it will enable you to travel in one vehicle so that your group will be together throughout the entire trip. Moreover, greatly cut down on transportation costs and helps to avoid time-consuming travel arrangements. Compared to the other services, TaxiYatri provides competitive pricing, and you are made to understand how much the taxi charges so you get the best value for money.

Travelling around Jaipur with TaxiYatri’s Tempo Traveler to visit from one place to another will be pleasant and enjoyable.

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Must-Visit Attractions

Jaipur is a city with a breathtaking abundance of the most amazing landmarks of national significance, a courtesy of our rulers of yesteryears. Here are some must-visit attractions that you can easily explore with a Tempo Traveller:Here are some must-visit attractions that you can easily explore with a Tempo Traveller:

Amber Fort

Overlooking the natural background, Amber Fort is a delightful edifice on a higher point that gifts the spectators with the best panoramic views. The fascinating architecture with the multitude of alternately beautiful palaces and the breathtaking courtyards tell about the greatness of the Rajputana’s royal heritage in detail. A visit to the Amber Fort is never complete without watching the dance of lights and sounds which thematic the story of the fort’s grandeur past.

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City Palace

The City Palace is a breath-taking colligation of Mughal and Rajasthani heritage which is beautifully sculpted and erected in the center of Jaipur. The castle in question is home to a whole museum complex, including courtyards, and gardens, which illustrate the life of the nobility. The striking patterns, intricate embellishments and costly treasure from the City Palace are the reasons why people will make it their priority to visit the place.

Hawa Mahal

The Hawa Mahal, the other name for the Palace of Winds, is the city of Jaipur’s one of the iconic destinations. This five-story Palace was constructed in the form of a hexagon with 953 small windows and whose appearance is similar to a honeycomb. Which was designed so that the complexity of Ruler’s daughter could watch the public parade with anonymous manner. The uniqueness of indian architecture and the heritage value of Hawa Mahal makes it a visited site for many tourists.

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Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar which got the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site established during the 18th century demonstrates scientific axis of India. The observatory is equipped with a set of nineteen automated instruments built to observe, predict, and track movements of the heavenly bodies. Each was used to count time, calculate eclipses, and explore the cosmological objects. A trip to Jantar Mantar is in one word impressive, as it is full of educational information.

Offbeat Experiences

Apart from the popular tourist attractions, Jaipur also offers several offbeat experiences that you can explore with a Tempo Traveller:Apart from the popular tourist attractions, Jaipur also offers several offbeat experiences that you can explore with a Tempo Traveller:

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Nahargarh Fort

Nagarh Fort that is located on the Central Aravalli hill ranges, overlooking Jaipur city. Sitting across the picturesque oasis and surrounded by a serene environment is a beautiful escape that can be experienced. The fort’s ramparts also provide an apex of a view of the sunset scenery, a memorable additional spot.

Jaipur Bazaars

The George Street markets are every craves’ dream market. Jaipur-based markets fill with visitors looking to buy souvenirs such as hand crafted and jewelry to pottery to vibrant textile. Tardekelelik birçok pazar mejlislerini dü concentration ortaya koyan Markaze Sahaçatına göre, Köroğlu Çarşısı, Bakkalkaya Çarşısı ve Tripoli mejlislerinden bazıları; başarılı olarak etkileyenMoving Tempo Travellers freely through these markets will enable you shop at your clip and on foot eliminating the challenges of transport.

Cultural Performances

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It is Jaipur that presents a dynamic cultural picture for tourists. From Rajasthani dance and music at dance and music venues all over town, you can directly experience the tradition of art and culture. Chokhi Dhani, a village-resort with ethnic cultural village, brings a special experience by means of folk dances, puppet shows and traditional Rajasthani cuisine. These arts, crafts and cultural attractions can be visited by your vehicles and you can capture the local experiences just by hiring Oppy vehicles.

Why TaxiYatri?

Reliable and Safe Services

The main purpose of TaxiYatri is to offer first-class travel services to be on hand and safe for its clients. Thoroughly checking Tempo Travellers for regular maintenance, service and safety is part of the duty. This is done to guarantee that all vehicles are in excellent condition. It is only experienced and safety-minded drivers, who know both the main points of good traffic regulations and the ways to provide safety to the passengers, who are employed there.

Easy Booking Process

Travel with TaxiYatri to pre-book Tempo Traveller service. This process is completely hassle-free. You can easily reserve your vehicle online through the Xtayiapp or the website, taxiYatri. The interface of the site is presentable so you can easily pick up a vehicle, chose the days you will use it and pay safely. Besides, you can also dial the customer service number to get advice or co-operate with them.

Customizable Travel Plans

TaxiYatri tailor-made travel plans that would be in accordance with your unique requirements are all you would need!The time constraint doesn’t matter (be it a few hours or even the full day rental). As an alternative, we can adjust the schedule in accordance to your requirement. It provides you with absolute freedom of charting your itinerary and you can invariably enjoy your trip to the fullest when you explore Jaipur.

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Positive Customer Reviews

Many people who have used TaxiYatri have given feedbacks with responses like the quality of service, etiquette of the drivers, and the comfort of the cars being quite good as concise remarks. These evidences serve as reassurance that traveling with the company is a sure and delight experience.


One of the best approach to discover Jaipur by with taxi from TaxiYatri carter the ride which the the old and the new attraction of city Jaipur. One of the prime causes for the Tempo Traveller being a popular option for group travel is not only the comfort and convenience, but also the cost-effectiveness it brings. With licensed and experienced drivers, reliable and systemic approach to service, and the possibility to choose travel plan customized for your Jaipur trip, TaxiYatri is your perfect companion. Enjoy the fabulous Ride Experience in our Booked Tempo Traveller and relish the unfolded charms of the invincible Pink City!

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