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Sharjah is a beautiful and culturally rich emirate located in the United Arab Emirates. As the third largest city in the UAE, Sharjah hosts many exhibitions, trade shows, and cultural events throughout the year. When exhibiting, it is important to incorporate local influences into your exhibition stand design in Sharjah.

Here are some top tips for creating a locally inspired stand that will capture the spirit of Sharjah:

Use Natural Materials:

Sharjah has a beautiful desert landscape with sandy beaches. Incorporate natural elements like wood, stone, palm leaves, or woven materials into your stand design. These tactile surfaces help give your stand a handcrafted feel that connects with Sharjah’s environment.

You can even use sand or pebbles as accents. Natural materials complement Sharjah’s sustainable development goals.

Highlight Emirati Heritage:

Sharjah is renowned for preserving cultural heritage and traditional crafts. Incorporate motifs, patterns, or artifacts that celebrate Emirati culture. Henna designs, Arabic calligraphy, geometric patterns, artifacts, or even traditionally crafted items can remind visitors of Sharjah’s rich culture.

You can source authentic items from local artisans to display. Representing Sharjah’s heritage in your design shows respect for the local community.

Use Arabic Typography:

The Arabic language is proudly spoken across Sharjah. Include Arabic text or typography elements in the graphics, menus, signage, or printed materials of exhibition stand manufacturers. Utilize flowing calligraphy styles or even display quotes from prominent UAE figures.

Having signage and information presented bilingually in Arabic and English is respectful to local audiences. Arabic typefaces connect your stand visually to Sharjah.

Highlight Sustainable Practices:

As a leader in environmental protection, Sharjah promotes sustainable development. Showcase how your products/services consider factors like renewable energy, waste reduction, recycling, or water conservation. Displaying your commitment to sustainability through green stand features and messaging resonates positively with Sharjah audiences.

Incorporate Local Colors:

The warm sandy shades of Sharjah’s landscape are iconic. Incorporate copper, bronze, gold, sandy beige, or shades of deep blue reminiscent of the Gulf into your color palette.

These earth tones connect your branding visually to Sharjah in a subtle yet impactful way. Accentuate graphic panels, lighting, or furnishings with local color influences.

Source Food from UAE Producers:

If providing catering or samples at your stand, source fresh produce, spices, or snacks from local UAE farms and suppliers where possible. Offering hot drinks, dates or Emirati cuisine nourishes visitors and supports Sharjah’s agriculture. custom build exhibition stands with branding and info about your UAE food partners to further strengthen local economic ties.

Highlight Nearby Attractions:

Promote yourself as a gateway to discovering more of Sharjah city. Provide giveaways with maps highlighting top attractions near the exhibition stands venues like museums, heritage sites, or cultural districts.

Recommend top sights, activities, or local businesses to visit clients to encourage them to explore more of Sharjah after the show. This integrated promotion benefits your brand and the wider Sharjah community.

Feature Sharjah’s Advancements:

Share how your products or services relate to Sharjah’s vision for the future. Highlight innovations in sectors like renewable energy, space tech, education, or arts that showcase Sharjah’s progressive vision.

Displaying how you support Sharjah 2040 through design, technology, or community initiatives builds trust as a strategic partner aligned with the emirate’s long-term goals.

Thank Local Partners:

Acknowledge any Emirati individuals, companies, or government bodies who supported your participation. Thank local suppliers, sponsors, or collaboration partners for signage or printed collateral.

Expressing gratitude for the assistance of UAE stakeholders enhances relationships and portrays your commitment to giving back to the Sharjah community. It is also respectful to recognize the contributions of Emiratis.

In Summary:

Taking time to integrate touches that reflect Sharjah’s unique culture, landscape, values and vision will ensure your exhibition stand leaves a lasting positive impression on local audiences.

Thoughtfully incorporating locally-inspired exhibition booth suppliers in Sharjah builds familiarity, trust, and goodwill with Sharjah communities and delegates. With a little Sharjah flair, your stand will be remembered as more than just a marketing space. It will be remembered as a window into your appreciation for this captivating emirate.

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