Summary: Cyber security management has become the prime concern of everyone because of increased threat perception.

Certifications like PCI DSS play a crucial role in cyber security management. You get a certificate only when you pass a security check. In other words, you develop capabilities to block certain types of threats. Another advantage of certifications is they help develop a quick response to certain types of threats.

Let’s discuss the role of certifications in online security

  1. Online transactions

Buyers use credit cards and debit cards for online shopping. However, e-commerce websites need to develop a specific security system to keep hackers and cybercriminals away from their websites. PCI DSS develops a security framework that provides safety to online monetary transactions. The certification shows that an e-commerce website is safe for carrying out monetary transactions using credit and debit cards.

  1. Vendor Risk Management (VRM)

VRM is a certificate awarded to websites that keep their relations with vendors at the highest level. These e-commerce platforms work with vendors but use a security system that helps verify vendors before they are listed on the site. It helps improve Cyber Security Management in the long run. They prevent buyers from falling prey to pseudo-vendors.

  1. Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing (VAPT)

No computer system or process can claim 100% freedom from threats. Every system has its challenges and the best way to face challenges is to anticipate potential threats and find solutions in advance. This is where VAPT certification comes into the picture. It is awarded to sites that can foresee challenges and take timely measures to resolve those issues.

  1. SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance

It is necessary to get a compliance certificate to boost your cyber security management. The SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance shows a high level of data protection where every bid of unauthorized access failed. It is the highest level of security a website can provide to its customers.

  1. International recognition

The biggest advantage of certifications is they provide international recognition. You become a certified business to serve the needs of international clients. You don’t have to worry about compliance with international laws because you have the necessary certifications that demonstrate your commitment to safety.

Your cyber security management depends largely on your certifications. You can understand the value of certifications in simple language. Certifications simplify complex rules and regulations for your convenience and allow you to develop specific capabilities to anticipate challenges and take all precautionary measures to avoid those challenges.

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