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The Rubik’s Cube, a puzzle that has captivated minds since its invention, is not just a test of patience but also of strategy and speed. Whether you’re a beginner looking to solve the cube for the first time or an intermediate enthusiast aiming to improve your time, mastering certain tricks can significantly enhance your solving speed. This guide outlines the top 10 Rubik’s Cube tricks that will help you solve the cube faster.

1. Learn the Basic Notations

Before diving into complex strategies, it’s crucial to understand the basic notations used in Rubik’s Cube algorithms. Each letter represents a turn of a cube face: R (Right), L (Left), U (Up), D (Down), F (Front), B (Back). Prime marks (e.g., R’, L’) denote a counterclockwise turn, while unmarked letters indicate a clockwise turn. Mastery of these notations is essential for quick and efficient solving.

2. Master the Cross Faster

The first step in most solving methods is to create a cross on one face of the cube. Speed up this process by looking for edge pieces that can be quickly aligned without disturbing already placed pieces. Learning to form the cross on the bottom layer (as opposed to the traditional top layer) can also improve visibility and reduce cube rotations.

3. Optimize Layer-By-Layer Solving

While the layer-by-layer approach is one of the easiest to understand, optimizing each step can cut down solving time dramatically. For the first two layers (F2L), practice solving the corner and corresponding edge simultaneously. This reduces the number of moves required and speeds up the solving process.

4. Use Finger Tricks and Reduce Wrist Movements

Incorporating finger tricks—using fingers to turn the cube rather than the whole hand or wrist—can significantly speed up your solve time. Techniques like the flick of the index or middle finger can execute quicker turns and are less tiring than wrist-based twists.

5. Learn Key Intermediate Algorithms

While you don’t need to know every algorithm when starting, learning a few key intermediate algorithms can help in solving common scenarios more efficiently. Algorithms for situations like the “sexy move” (R U R’ U’) can be used in various contexts, helping to quickly solve parts of the cube.

6. Implement Look-Ahead Strategies

As you solve the cube, try to anticipate the placement and orientation of pieces in the next steps. This ‘look-ahead’ technique allows you to minimize pauses and maintain a steady solving rhythm. The key is to solve one part while simultaneously observing and planning for the next.

7. Practice Efficient Cube Rotations

Excessive or unnecessary cube rotations can add seconds to your solve time. Practice algorithms that minimize rotations and try to solve as much as possible from a single perspective before rotating the cube.

8. Solve the White Corners First

A useful trick for beginners to transition into intermediate solving is to solve the white corners immediately after the white cross. This sets a clear path to complete the first layer and simplifies the steps that follow.

9. Use the X-Cross for Advanced Solving

The X-Cross builds on the basic cross by simultaneously solving an adjacent edge with each cross piece, creating an extended cross. This advanced technique sets up the rest of the solve more efficiently but requires a good understanding of the cube’s mechanics.

10. Time Your Solves and Set Goals

Finally, regular practice timed solves and setting personal goals are crucial in improving your solving speed. Analyze where you spend the most time and focus on practicing those areas. Use tools like online timers and apps to track your progress and stay motivated.


Improving your Rubik’s Cube solve time is all about practice and applying these top 10 tricks efficiently. Each trick offers a pathway to not only understand the cube’s intricate mechanics but also to enhance your dexterity and problem-solving skills. Whether you’re preparing for a competition or solving for personal achievement, these Rubik’s cube tricks will equip you with the strategies needed for faster solving.

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