INTRALASE LASIK is the most advanced laser vision correction surgery. It includes the old laser technique, the INTRALASE technique, and the most advanced technology. It provides you with an even better vision that is far more predictable and technology that is unique, safe, and precise. In INTRALASE, LASIK Surgery interlaces advanced laser technology as the first step of the surgery used rather than the traditional mechanical hand-held bladed device. INTRALASE LASIK is safe because the outcome is much more satisfactory, and it is safe as it is all laser, and there is no use of a blade. It usually takes 15 to 20 seconds per eye in corneal flap creation. The recovery time of INTRALASE LASIK is much quicker than LASIK. It has better vision outcomes in patients after surgery, and there is a low chance of dry eye syndrome, so it is safe. INTRALASE is the safest and most suitable option for people who want to correct their vision entirely.

After LASIK you will not need glasses, However in very few cases you may still need glasses due to age related factors. LASIK is  an effective vision correction procedure but with time and age there are chances of development of two conditions affecting the vision that is Presbyopia and Cataract. Presbyopia refers to age related nearsightedness that begins at 40-50 years of age. It is a natural part of growing older where the interior lens thickens and loses elasticity. This makes it difficult for the lens to focus light on the retina causing blurred near vision. Cataract is the clouding of the clear lens of the eye . It develops between 50-6- years of age . It can affect the refractive stability after LASIK which requires separate treatment.

INTRALSE LASIK technique allows more significant and precise vision. As INTRALASE LASIK Surgery is one of the safest surgeries and provides the best vision, it is possible that you can get rid of the glasses permanently after the surgery. However, after a certain age, like above the age of 40, some patients will see an inevitable progression in eye number, which can be due to stress, hormonal changes, or age. Studies have shown that Improved vision achieved after INTRALASE LASIK Surgery is permanent in most cases. However, in minimal cases, over some time, one can acquire an eye number due to changes that can occur, causing blurry vision. The chances that you will be completely free from glasses after INTRALASE LASIK Eye Surgery depends on your age factor and refractive error, which is Myopia or presbyopia and astigmatism. This process is a speedy healing procedure; most people see very well right after the procedure is done; one of the essential things about INTRALASE LASIK eye surgery is it shows permanent vision improvements; INTRALASE LASIK permanently changes the eye and has significant and permanent improvements in eyesight compared to your vision before the process. INTRALASE LASIK Surgery permanently cures your refractive error. It means that you do not need to wear glasses after the surgery, and your refractive error will be healed. For the majority of patients, INTRALASE LASIK Surgery is proven to be permanent. After the INTRALASE LASIK Surgery, one thing that has to be in mind is that your eyes don’t get too dry. You frequently need to put in eye drops to avoid dry eye conditions. INTRALASE LASIK Surgery makes 90-95% refractive error visions correct after the surgery. It can help you achieve  20/20 vision.  INTRALASE LASIK eye surgery permanently changes the shape of the cornea. It is extremely quick and safe with advancement in the technology and the equipments. It is comfortable and painless and overall the best to correct your refractive error.

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