Snapchat AR Ring

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Debut of Snapchat’s AR Ring by the platform

Snapchat has got a new type of AR try-on experience on the platform through the new campaign from Carter which is used for showcasing new ring try-on by Snapchat. This enables the users to get a look at the brand new Cartier ‘Trinity’ ring on their own finger. Snapchat’s Ring allows users to see how a ring actually looks on any of the fingers they choose on their hand.

As Snapchat explained, within a few taps the users will be allowed to discover the collection from the Cartier Trinity Ring Lens which they can shop whenever and wherever. The new ring try-on technology comes up with Ray tracing and Hand tacking making it more accurate and life-like than ever before. The ring will follow the hands of users wherever they move it just like real life experience.

As per a statement by Snap, the new experience was developed exclusively paired with Cartier focusing on the quality as well as reflection of the metals and diamonds along with being precise to be fit. This technology is another way for Snapchat to increase the shopping experience for its users, giving users a way to try out what they are shopping for can turn out to be a big step taken in the world of online commerce.

The feature is also added to the existing AR Try on the option of Snap which consists of:

  •       Handbags
  •       Makeup
  •       Nail Polish
  •       Glasses
  •       Shoes

Further more advanced tools are being developed by the platform to provide the option to try out clothing using AR try-on experience. This will provide a detailed and apt representation of the items used in real life in a digital environment.


Snapchat has bought out the feature for users to try out rings on their fingers similar to the real world using the AR try-on experience on the platform to give real-time familiarity to the users. Users will be able to know how the item will look on their bodies in the real world. The technology is also used for other products including handbags, glasses, nail polish, shoes and several others. The use of such advanced tools can be a great step to bring revolution in the world of online shopping.

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