iPhone 11 Microphone

Most phone users dream of owning an iPhone 11 or already accessing it. The point is iPhone 11 is a trending device, but what makes it so different and a noted device? iPhone 11 comprises high-quality materials and is primarily focused on enhanced sound quality. It is specially designed to produce the best-ever sound quality in mid of huge disturbances and background noise. This model is one of the best iPhone devices that includes premium-quality microphones. To enhance the audio quality of the phone, there is the inclusion of many in-build microphones on iphone 11 that comfort users.

In this article, you will discover all the possible locations of in-build microphones and how to enable them for maximum audio quality. Be with the article.

Where to find microphones on iPhone 11?

The iPhone 11 has three different locations of microphones – bottom, front, and rear microphone. Sometimes, finding the exact location of microphones is tough for users. If you cannot find out where the microphone on the iPhone 11 is, do not stress. Here is the adequate info for finding them easily. Have a look.

Where is the mic on iphone 11? Here, you will find three different positions for microphones in iphone 11 and each serves a different function. Know them in detail.

  1. Front Microphone – The first microphone of the iPhone 11 is located near the phone’s proximity sensor. This is also the place of the front camera of the phone. The front mic is positioned next right to the front camera. This is an internal mic that helps Siri to hear your voice instructions clearly. It also plays an important role in noise cancellation, voice commands for captured audio, echo cancellation, and voice recognition.
  1. Bottom Microphone – The second mic of the iPhone 11 is positioned on the bottom left grill, near the lightning connector. This integrated microphone has the function of recording voice calls. During calls, the ear speaker sends the sound to the bottom microphone. The right grills are the external speakers of the iPhone 11 that function on streaming songs, videos, and other multimedia. This mic is the main mic for making calls and provides a clear voice during phone conversations.
  1. Rear Microphone – The rear microphone is located on the backside of the iPhone 11 and near the back camera. The rear mic captures audio on playing songs and executes other media-related operations. When you record video with a back camera, this mic helps in recording sounds for the videos. this mic ensures that iPhone videos have the top quality of audio and clarity.

Steps to enable microphones in iPhone 11

If you are wondering how to enable microphone on iphone 11, then be relaxed. The mic option is enabled by default in the iPhone 11 model. In case, you have disabled it, then your phone won’t record audio. you need to enable it again. here are the steps to enable a mic on your iPhone 11.

  • Open the settings option on your phone.
  • Scroll down to the option of ‘Privacy’.
  • Click on the option of ‘Microphone’.
  • Now, toggle to turn on this option.

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