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SEO techniques: how to make my website appear on


Every entrepreneur has most likely asked themselves this question: “how to make my website appear on”

However, this mission is not that simple and requires some strategies to achieve the desired position on Among them are SEO techniques, which consist of using optimization resources for search engines.

What are SEO techniques?

Search Engine Optimization are strategies that help Google’s algorithms give preference to your page, making it appear in the first results of a search carried out on the internet.

But, after all, how can I make my website appear on with SEO techniques?

Choose your keywords well:

One of the main SEO tools is the use of keywords, that is, terms that must be chosen according to your type of business so that users can find your company easily. Click here for SEO Expert in Calgary Canada

Click here and check out an article with tips for choosing the right keywords for your business!

Produce quality Content:

There’s no point in using the correct keywords if you don’t invest in quality content that is truly relevant to your audience. The better your content, the more visitors will reach your page and stay there for longer.

Therefore, talk about subjects that you master, that are related to your area of ​​expertise and focus on content that answers all of your visitors’ questions.

Pay attention to the URL, title and description of the images!

Your website’s URLs and content titles need to be short, objective and contain a good keyword so that visitors can easily find you.

Furthermore, it is interesting to use images to make the text lighter and more interesting. Here’s a golden tip: title the image with a keyword that makes sense with it and the text. This will help – a lot – with your website’s ranking.

Have a responsive Website:

Another fundamental factor for your website to appear on the first pages of Google results is that it has good navigability, ensuring easy viewing, organization and fluidity of the content.

Register your company on Google My Business:

A tool that provides many results, but is still little used by companies, unfortunately, is Google My Business. With it, you can add information such as opening hours, address, photos, create content and also make your company appear on Google Maps.

This way, people will find your company much more easily and it will also allow them to have all the necessary information before even arriving at the location.

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