If you own an e-commerce store,’search’ serves as an active salesperson, introducing your potential customers to all of your store’s top discounts and offers.

 Unfortunately, many UX experts and creative think tanks never consider this approach when creating an online business. However, if you want to increase conversions, you should consider your store’s on-site search result as a vital component and ensure that it helps your customers find the needed products quickly.

 To make this happen, we decided to provide some tried-and-true strategies for improving the user experience of on-site search results. A web development company in Dubai used Tech-Bazaar, a firm that sells used laptops and computers, as an example of an e-commerce website.


Let’s look at some key functionality and selling points.

 The Position of Your Search Box

 Of course, if the salesperson isn’t visible when a consumer enters the business, who will he express his desires to?

 Similarly, the placement of your search box is crucial as it signifies a customer’s justifiable anticipation of receiving answers to all their queries. However, it’s crucial to place the search box in the upper-left or upper-right corner of the site, ensuring that a prospect quickly finds it when searching for something.

Make sure that the input field is properly sized

 The size of the input field is another significant factor that should be carefully considered. A short input area only displays a small portion of the text, leading to poor usability. As a result, users are unable to properly amend their query.

 Provide a brief search hint

 A customer-centric online store simplifies and enhances the buyer’s overall process. And, when it comes to on-site search results, it’s always a good idea to let them guide your consumers’ searches. So we used a generic search term that is relevant to their industry, such as “refurbished computers” or “refurbished laptops.” to give them a suggestion about what to look for.

 In this case, an auto-generated search can provide some value and assistance to your consumer by allowing him to insert the relevant keywords to find the products he is looking for.

 Keep the user’s query in the search box

 This tip also applies to a wonderful user experience, as many search boxes erase the customer’s inquiry in the middle of his journey, which frequently misdirects him from taking the necessary actions. For instance, once the customer completes their search for “used computers,” the query should remain visible.

The calculation is simple: if the customer cannot find what he is looking for, he will abandon the site, which you do not want to happen, right?

 As a result, do justice to your customers, as all of the tips described above are 100% guaranteed to be executed correctly.


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