Website Redesign Vs. Facelift: Which One Do You Need

Websites require continual attention even after they have been developed. Technology keeps on evolving, and there are new website design trends that every business must incorporate. Without this, your website will look comparatively old and unattractive compared to the sites of your rivals. In such scenarios, website owners have two options to opt for: website redesign and facelift or refresh.

Many people confuse these two as the same, but they are actually not. There are various factors that make these two different from one another. Whether it’s the cost, time requirement, or expected outcome, everything is different. In most cases, websites usually need a facelift, but site owners opt for a redesign, which leads to unnecessary expenses. This is why, in this article, you will learn to differentiate between these two and choose the best option for your site.

Let’s break this down further and explore the differences between website redesign vs. facelift: which one do you need?

Top 5 Factors to Evaluate Need for Website Redesign or Facelift

There are various factors that can help you assess the need for a facelift or redesign. Website facelift or refresh refers to the process of updating and enhancing the site’s colors, graphics, content, and media. In contrast, website redesign means changing website layout designs, adding new pages, creating additional elements, or installing plugins and software. If you are still unsure, then keep on reading to learn which one can work best for your site needs.

Here are 5 factors you consider to make your choice for a website redesign or a facelift.

1. Website Age

Website age is an important factor to consider when you are thinking about design or a facelift. If your website is no more than 3 years old, a facelift will be a better option than redesigning everything. This is because, in 3 years’ time, your website will probably have essential features and elements. Therefore, you might need to enhance it to achieve an updated look.

However, if the website is older than 5 years, it’s most likely missing the latest site elements. In this scenario, you will need to redesign your site to match the current industry standard website design and features. A redesign is a complex process and requires professional assistance.

2. Website Structure

Website structure is another important aspect to pay attention to. In most cases, the website structure is sound, but it may look outdated visually. In this regard, a visual facelift is a good option to consider to update the structure’s appearance and make it appealing. Leveraging the expertise of a good web design team will help you modernize your website structure.

If your website’s structure looks cluttered and its layout is disorganized, a redesign should be considered a preference. Redesigning simplifies your navigational system, such as internal linking and menus. Therefore, you can bring everything together to ensure a smooth browsing experience for users.

3. SEO Initiatives

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an integral part of elevating a business’s presence online. Business websites implement new strategies to ensure their sites rank higher than their rivals. While implementing new SEO strategies, sometimes your website may prevent you from optimizing it entirely.

For example, if you are focusing more on your blog content, then you might need a website refresh. A facelift optimizes all your content pages with current SEO stands and increases your chances of ranking in SERPs. However, if you are focusing more on visual content, a redesign may assist you with your ranking efforts.

4. Statistics

While the significance of SEO is certain, you can’t ignore your website’s statistics. Website statistics play a vital role in helping you make your choice for a redesign or facelift. For example, if you have an e-commerce store with a high cart abandonment rate, then a redesign may be best.

Similarly, if visitors don’t even proceed to the checkout page, you may need to consider the website’s appearance. Poor-quality product images and an unattractive store appearance can be major drawbacks for visitors. In this case, a facelift is a recommended option to enhance the visuals of your store to achieve better results.

5. Company Growth

Company growth is the last but not least factor to consider when evaluating the best upgrade option for your site. Businesses continually grow, and they may start offering services they may not have intended to offer. If this is the case, your website will probably have insufficient content and pages to cater to your company’s needs.

A website redesign can help you expand your overall site structure to meet your growing business needs. Whether you want to add new pages, extra sections, or menus, a redesign can make everything possible. A smooth redesigning process can’t be done without professional help. Therefore, you must opt for website maintenance Dubai solutions to redesign your site according to your business demands.

Are You Considering a Facelift or Redesign for Your Website?

Be it a redesign or facelift, a smooth upgrade requires the expertise of field experts. You can lean on professional website service providers to revamp your site for a better user experience. Contact professionals now and modernize your website to achieve better results.



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