Backlinks are the links to create the link on another website. Backlinks can also indicate the traffic coming to your websites. The more high-quality backlinks in SEO you have, the higher the chance to rank on search engines. Implementing, managing, and analyzing the performance of backlinks is necessary for SEO strategies.

Why are Backlinks Important?

SEO Backlinks are necessary because Google views backlinks as recommendations. If your website contains useful content then Google will discover your website when you get a higher vote. This is the important factor used by Google. Various links on a particular website search engine assume that the information of that webpage is valuable linking and as a result of appearing on a search engine result page(SERP). It’s an important factor in SEO backlinks. It is important to note that Google has properly indexed your website. If your website is not indexed it will not appear on search engines.

Categories of Backlinks

Types Of Backlinks In SEO: What Is The Best Backlink — Travelpayouts

  • DoFollow Backlinks

A DoFollow Backlink is an authority that moves from one webpage to another. It is a type of backlinks SEO that contributes to the domain authorities of a website and ranking in search engines

  • NoFollow Backlinks

A NoFollow Backlink is a link that doesn’t pass the authority from one webpage to another. It tells us the search engine Not to rank up or count it. It was created to take action against spam and low-quality links. NoFollow links do not directly contribute to the SEO of websites, but they can still drive traffic and increase visibility.

Types of Backlinks 

There are nine types of backlinks for SEO, which can help you to make in SEO link building and promote top-notch links that will benefit your SEO.

Editorial Backlinks:

Editorial Backlinks on another website also point back to your website, usually on a large publication that can be a more niche website. 

The general rule of making editorial backlinks is formed when your content mentions information, business representative quotes, or when your website highlights in a link roundup on a certain topic. This type of editorial link comes from publishing high-quality content that people find reliable and market your brand to a wide audience.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is a content marketing strategy to write and publish on other websites.

Articles should include bylines, and highlight editors of the websites as being written by a “contributor” or “Guest author”.

Now it depends on the publication, you might receive a credit for the guest posting. Some publications offer non-financial rewards for your guest post, instead of your website links or social media accounts.

It’s outreach a bigger part of almost any SEO plan. And you have to find a high-quality website to get opportunities.

Business Profiles:

Every time you make a digital profile for your business on business listing websites, industry directories, social networks, and review websites. You always have an option to link your website. Search engines see these entries as proof that a website has been around here for a long time.

Guest Post:

Guest posting is an essential part of marketing. It allows the writers to share their experience with the new audience. It can help you increase your traffic, build valuable backlinks, and expand the reach of your audiences. Guest posts are articles or blog posts written by contributors or guest authors. And it provides you with a fresh viewpoint on the hosting articles. It still affects the SEO because guest post often backlinks websites for more viewership. However, they know where people go to read blogs, and articles, and find recipes.

Acknowledgment Backlinks:

It contributes by signaling search engines that your website is valuable within its niche. You can easily determine the source of your rival backlinks and it would be helpful to make a strategy to get higher recognition using these acknowledgment backlinks.

Comment Backlinks:

When someone leaves comments on articles and provides a link back to your website. If someone comments on high-quality blog articles and shares website links that will help you boost the traffic on your websites.

Webinar Backlinks:

Webinar backlinks are the most amazing option for improving and building backlinks for SEO. If other websites find out that your webinar is interesting and share valuable information they link with your company and mention what your company does. 

You can generate contextual links that will support your SEO link building strategy by organizing a webinar. Webinars are useful for providing content for websites to link to. Your website content must be provided as a source of backlinks in your webinar.

Free-Tool Backlinks:

Some websites provide a free link that helps you with a particular task. In this process, the owner utilizes their tools and recommends them to others. And it’s the same technique that is used for backlinks to your websites. These types of tools are intended to encourage users to spread the content of your website with others. 

Badge Backlinks:

Badge Backlinks are the smartest way to get high-quality backlinks. It’s an honor to have a badge given by one company to another in the shape of a logo or widget with your link. The good part is that when other websites put this badge on his site they give you a link back to you.

It can be a fun or creative way to get more people to visit your website. But remember that, the badge should be worth on display for others to use it.

What Types of Backlinks Are Valuable?

Backlinks - How Dangerous are They to Your Website and SEO Strategy?

The types of backlinks that are valuable for SEO.

Backlinks Coming from Trusted, Authoritative Websites:

Backlinks that come from reputable and authoritative websites are best. Market titans, institutions, and government websites are known as trustable sites.

Link’s Anchor Text Includes Your Target Keywords:

The anchor text is that click on the text and open a different website. For external text, you need to target a few more keywords so that search engines can understand the subject of your links.

A Relevant Site Links to Yours:

Links to your website relevant to your niche are valuable because they can show that the other website is viewed as an authority on the subject. 

It is a “DoFollow” Link:

DoFollow links are popular and effective backlinks for SEO. Backlinks allow Google to follow them for sliding and source websites. It represents trust which implies that you trust the information is linked to the websites. If you include do follow links that means you confirm Google this is genuine.

What Makes a Backlink Good or Bad?

Backlinks provide authority to your overall domain website pages. You’ll understand the concept of good backlinks and bad links.

Good Links:

Good links connect you with a high-quality domain authority and have similar content, your backlinks will be useful for SEO. Google and other search tools utilize multiple elements that decide the nature of backlinks that rank your websites. A good backlink is what you need to strategize high-quality content and organic linking from different websites

Bad Links:

The maximum number of links on your website not all of them is rewarding but it can hurt your website. Bad links have come from the unauthorized domain. It indicates that the website lacks quality content to get proper backlinks. Bad links can indeed get you short-term wins that end soon. After the Google penalty, Google hates spammed content and links. Having a Bad backlink can backfire in the end.


SEO backlinks are a cornerstone because they simplify people and search engines and impact the ranking of websites earned by SERPs. If you avoid spam techniques designed to conduct people and search engines, earn backlinks from applicable, and trust publications that will help you to compete for visibility in search engines. Implement the SEO strategies by pursuing an SEO company in Dubai. If you are involved in link spam, you risk a serious penalty. The types of backlinks and the valuable types of backlinks are explained.

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