Worthwhile tips on asking for Logo Design feedback

Logo designers would love feedback on their designs. Negative feedback is hurtful but is needed to improve the design. Positive feedback is desirable as it creates and inspires confidence. Clients also provide feedback on designs made by their partner agencies. This helps them get the logo design they need.

Designers provide work to their clients. They can also share ideas with fellow designers on an individual basis. They can even do the same in online design/designer communities. This helps them not only get the needed feedback but also learn new ideas in design, feedback, collaboration, communication, and the like.

What do experienced professionals have to say about feedback?

Experienced professionals working at a well-known logo design company in Downtown Dubai have been running online design communities and forums connecting designers from across both the United Arab Emirates and the GCC countries. They have seen the works of designers, the feedback they’ve received, and have also provided help.

They have also worked with clients of their fellow designers, and have designed logos for them. They have seen what happens when things aren’t done right. Also, the prospect of facing unrealistic clients becomes a reality. 

These professionals also reveal that they do their best to ensure no client is left confused. In case clients do get confused then the designers must remove that confusion. One thing is for sure: revisions are an endless nightmare. This is why most designers are left frustrated and the job turnover rate is high in the designer field.

Designers need to avoid subjective feedback

The main thing each designer should avoid in each scenario is subjective feedback. Experienced designers call on their junior comrades to avoid this kind of feedback. It starts with the way they present designs to their client.

It starts with the way designers present their work or the way they ask close ones for feedback on one of their designs. First things first: It does not matter what they think. Never ask anyone in the design realm what they think. What seems as bad to one person will seem good to the other. One man’s treasure is another man’s trash.

Designers craft an object, a design, in a careful manner capturing the aesthetic representing the business. This object is also a design that is made to compete with a certain range of companies, products, services, brands, and vice versa. It attracts a certain audience too. Logos also comprise that very design and object.

Logo design has a technical aspect. It is more than some discussions on the logo design cost. The technical aspects are not everyone’s cup of tea because they range from computer, operating system, specifications, and software used to layers and vice versa. The technical aspect helps the logo be legible, simple, easy to understand, and viewable.

Asking Friends for Feedback

Clients can become quite specific when it comes to getting feedback on design. They can start professionally but would then end the discussion on an unprofessional note. Many times, clients have chastised designers for the most minor of all mistakes. 

When asking friends for feedback regarding logo design, designers will need to provide context. They need to explain what they were aiming to do, in what way did they solve it and how did they solve any challenges present?

If designers know their objectives they can hence achieve them. They can hence also be sure they can get top-quality feedback. When they ask their friends for the best feedback, they will get more top-quality responses.

Focus on obtaining feedback on one area of logo design. This will help them get the required feedback on the areas which were worked on. This helps designers focus on areas requiring improvement so they can be fixed and clients can hence appreciate the revision.

Here are some questions that should be asked:

  • Which of these designs can represent a forward-thinking business?
  • Which logo feels like a premium logo?
  • How much would you expect them to cost?
  • Out of these three logos, which one is most trustworthy?


Feedback on logo design can either be dreamy, or a nightmare. Logo designers should tread carefully in this area. Unfortunately, work cannot be completed without feedback as it is necessary.

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