Taking on the open road ought to be a breath of fresh air, yet unpleasant smells can stay trapped inside cars. Your car may smell unpleasant for many reasons Our pet-themed scented car air fresheners provide a practical solution to freshen up your car adding a delightful scent and delivering a pawsitive message. You can choose the perfect pet-themed car air fresheners for your vehicle from the many design/scent combos that are available.

Fresh Scents for Car Air Fresheners

Pet Perennials offers something different than the typical paper automobile air fresheners. Our designs are pet-themed car air fresheners with animal characters like Fiona, Polkadot, and Sarge. These car-filling scented air fresheners feature our adorable animal characters with inspiring messages to bring a smile while you are driving.

Polkadot, our self-assured, American Paint Horse plays her electric guitar and rocks her “dots”. There are hints of leather and spice in her “Hyper Exotic” fragrance.

Fiona, our blinged-out Persian kitten. might be a little high maintenance, but she smells fantastic, the “Party Dress’ scent has the same notes as “Coco Chanel”.

Meet Sarge, our Black Labrador Retriever who loves the USA. This soldier loves his country more than he does bones. Sarge’s “Buzz Cut” scent keeps your vehicle smelling fresh.

Other than Fresh Car Air Fresheners

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Long-Lasting Freshness Through Fragrance

While our designs are unconventional, they create a clean, comfortable atmosphere. The Pawsitively Fresh! line of animal-themed air fresheners is incredibly fragrant in cars and delivers a little inspiration for your daily commute with their clever designs and messages.

Partner With Us: Spread Comfort and Compassion

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